News # 01:Halloween Costume Party


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By Hirofumi AOKI []

News # 01:Halloween Costume Party

●David からの電話

David から突然電話がありました。



    - 電話の向こうから聞こえる電車の音 -


 「突然だけど、Halloween Partyをやろうと思うんだ。」(David)


   - Davidは今、駅のホームにいるらしい -





 「なるほど! 今回は、プレゼンテーションも、パーソナリティアセスメント


 「Bring Your Own Bottle、、、」(David)

 「あれっ? David ?、デビットさーん!?」(^^;


ということで、David から、『Halloween Costume Party』のお知らせです。

■□ 『Halloween Costume Party』のお知らせ □■

Next Saturday, November 2nd there will be a Halloween Costume party
hosted by Tokyo Professionals in Daikanyama. There will be a prize for
best costume and everyone should come dressed in some sort of costume,
if you need ideas you can check one of the local stores for ready made
costumes or just make your own. If you plan to dress up as someone from
another country remember to use your common sense so that you don’t
offend anyone. If you are not sure what is uncool just check with me.

The party will start at 7 p.m. and end at 11 p.m. This is a dancing and
drinking party, but some snacks will be served. The price is 3000 yen
plus B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bottle) if you come alone and 2500 yen if
you bring a friend (friend/s also pay/s 2500 yen) plus B.Y.O.B.
Remember, B.Y.O.B. means bottle of ALCOHOL NOT SOFT DRINKS! If you
bring beer, bring a SIX-PACK or more! You need to sign up for this party
because space is limited as usual. Sign up with me or on the Tokyo Pros
home page ( If you have any questions let me


では、11月2日にお会いしましょう! llllll(-_-;)llllll


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Hirofumi AOKI / Tokyo Professionals

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